Product transport

Our machines

Product transport

Solutions for the transport of finished products

Conveyor belts, plate and mesh conveyors, rotary tables of general purpose. They may be free-standing devices and fixed directly on the machine, of any length and height. They are made of light steel profiles powder coated or optionally made of aluminium profiles and stainless steel. They are mainly powered with a 1-phase network with the possibility of smooth speed regulation via the inverter.

Possible equipment:

  • leading boards, barriers, switches
  • laser, optical sensors etc.
  • vision quality control systems
  • printers labelling the product
  • accessory devices, e.g. rotating the product

Mesh conveyor

The mesh conveyor consists of segments joined together. It can be configured into almost any length of sequence with a width according to the customer's needs. The mesh (galvanized or stainless) is driven by a gearmotor powered by an inverter that enables smooth adjustment of the conveyor's feed. The conveyor can be equipped with a system for cleaning the mesh from solidified paraffin and cooling fans.

Plate conveyors

Conveyor belts

Rotary tables

They are used to provide products to further process devices or as are a final buffer of the finished product. The speed of the table top is smoothly adjustable. The system of boards and dividers appropriately directs the product.


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