Paraffin dosing, foaming and homogenising line
We have introduced to the offer one of the best installations in the "in-line" system for paraffin foaming and homogenising. The homogenising system allows combining paraffin with all kinds of plant and organic additives. Depending on the composition of the raw material and added ingredients, it is possible to obtain up to 50% saving of the raw material while maintaining the high hardness of the solidified paraffin! The line is equipped with an innovative, unique, industrial property protected system for wick straightening and centring. The dosing station, depending on the configuration, has 6 or 8 dosing heads with volumetric metering. The entire line may be equipped with a number of supporting machines including a wick inserter.
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Nozzles and cutting knives for granulators
We produce paraffin spray nozzles made of brass and stainless steel! We also encourage you to contact us in the field of segmented cutting knives, made of material not contaminating the paraffin.

Paraffin homogenisers
We produce extremely effective systems for paraffin foaming and homogenising in the in-line technology. We offer independent systems, without the dosing system, wick inserter and other machines from the line. The Customers owning similar machines, but e.g. with paraffin mixers – with much less effective foaming method - we suggest using our homogenisers as an excellent form of refinement of your installation. The DOLECKI Machinery homogenisers are characterised by the possibility of paraffin foaming even up to 50% while maintaining the high hardness of the raw material solidified in the container.

Paraffin pumps
We offer paraffin pumps designed from a scratch for this raw material as probably the only manufacturer in the world. The range of pumps is individually selected in terms of performance, pressure, immersion depth and equipment – e.g. a suction filter.

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Paraffin melting units with scales
We have the world's largest range of these devices and added versions with a weighing module. The weighing system is built into the construction of the melter, indicating on a regular basis the weight of the paraffin contained in the device. Digital indication allows taring and summing of the weight. It also allows connecting to automatic filling systems.

Stainless discs for mixing varnish
We offer toothed, stainless discs for effective mixing of colloidal varnishes - acetone, nitro, water, etc. Available in three diameters - 60/85/125 mm in option with a drive shaft, pneumatic drive of the stirrer with quick-clamping handle and with possibility of rotation regulation.