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Paraffin dosing

Production of refilled candles and vascular candles

Automated lines, dosing stations and manual dosing systems with normal paraffin. We build complete systems for the production of candles using liquid paraffin. We design solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the Customer. We implement individual projects.

Offered lines are used for the production of:

  • tealight
  • vascular candles, e.g. glass
  • rustic candles
  • refilled grave candles

Paraffin dosing line

The line is used for the production of glass candles i.e. tealight or grave candles.

It is a fully automated machine which the main element is a mesh conveyor. The conveyor transports several containers in a row at the same time, directly under the set of dosing nozzles, fixed in the dosing station, connected with the paraffin melter. As a standard, the line is equipped with two dosing stations that operate the main chamber and the so-called refills. The filled containers are cooled with efficient fans, optionally air-conditioning system may be used. The length and width of the sequence (number of nozzles in a row) is adjusted individually to the needs and size of the Customer's production plant.

Possible configuration:

  • wick inserting machine;
  • automatic line loading and unloading system;
  • swivelling wheels and conveyor belts;
  • container pre-heating system;
  • mesh conveyor;
  • dosing stations with melters;
  • fan stations;
  • mesh cleaning system from paraffin;
  • labelling machine;
  • packing machine.

Dosing line for forms

The line is used for making rustic candles. The production involves the use of cylindrical forms, their automatic disposing, e.g. on a mesh conveyor and dosing them with liquid paraffin. Refilled forms are inserted into the air conditioning chamber. Then, the second dose is performed and cooled again. Subsequent operations consist in taking the candles out of the forms and transferring them to the machine for milling, drilling and inserting a wick. Empty forms are moved to the cleaning machine and re-used. A puncturing station is an additional equipment of the line that by implementation of hot needles opens the chambers, formed during crystallisation of paraffin, to enable them to be filled during the second dose.

We design different variants of this line, e.g. for plastic forms or with the usage of paraffin mould.

Forms cleaning station

The machine uses hot water to carry out an accurate and automated process of washing metal and plastic forms used, e.g. when casting rustic candles on automatic dosing lines. The forms are provided into the chamber, washed and dried. Washing is carried out inside and outside the form. The device may be modified and adapted to the forms possessed by the Customer.

Dosing station

A set of dosing nozzles, installed in a dosing station, connected with a melter of 400 or 600 litres of paraffin capacity. A melter that is made of stainless steel and equipped with a rotodynamic pump, passes paraffin to an electrically heated intermediate container of the dosing station. The excess of paraffin is drained through the overflow pipe to the melter. In this way, a constant level of raw material is maintained, which ensures a repeatable dose. The dosing station container may be equipped with two rows of nozzles, of any diameter, with a suitable gauge for the size of the container. The dose measuring is performed by adjusting the nozzle opening time. Closing of the nozzles is carried out by stainless steel needles with a hardened ball. The dosing station, set on swivelling wheels, braked, may be equipped with an autonomous dose control and adjustment system.

Main features:

  • stainless steel;
  • 2 rows of nozzles independently opened;
  • free configuration of the number and diameter of nozzles;
  • height and lateral positioning adjustment;
  • hardened nozzles needles;
  • available version with own control;
  • easy disassembly of the needles to clean the container.

Semi-automatic wick inserting machine

The operator manually places the container, starts-up the machine cycle, and then picks up the container with inserted wicks. The machine automatically unwinds from the spool the soaked wick maximum diameter 2,6 mm, trims it to the pre-set size, kneads a plate on it – with an innovative 4-jaw head - thanks to this, the wick is very firmly fixed  in a vertical position into the base of the plate. The wick prepared in this way is inserted into a container, on the bottom of which a thermal head sprays droplets of hot copolymer glue - the so-called hot-melt adhesive.

Special advantage of this machine is its versatility – i.e. the ability to work with any type of containers (e.g. glass, plastic, metal or ceramics), with a wide range of shapes and diameters of containers up to 110 mm and their height up to 220 mm - without the need to replace the tooling! Another advantage is quick adjustment of the wick length with the indicator of the set value- maximum 230 mm. In addition, the machine allows several wicks to be inserted into one container however,  each container must be rotated each time by the operator. The capacity of the wick inserting machine, while sticking one wick, is up to 660 pcs / h and it depends on the length of the wick and the work of the operator.

Numerous solutions have been taken that affected safety. One of them is a controlled start-up of the machine by pressing 2 buttons that must be held throughout the entire wick gluing cycle. The machine complies with the requirements of the relevant EU directives and has CE designation.

The construction of the machine is extremely compact and does not require its assembly by the Manufacturer at the User's premises. It is supplied with 3-phase 400V, and in a special version it can be supplied with 1-phase 230V. Compressed air demand min. 6 bar, 60 L / min.

Wick inserting machine

The machine uses a previously prepared wick, trims it to the size, kneads a plate on it and inserts it into a glass or plastic container with a droplet of hot-melt copolymer adhesive. The machine is mainly used in dosing lines for the production of grave candles without a paraffin mould, grave candles from foamed and homogenised paraffin and in the production of vascular candles, e.g. glass.

Automatic dosing device

The device consists of a pump, hoses, an electrical system and an electro-pneumatic dosing gun. The paraffin melter is a separate device.

The automatic version of the device allows to precisely dose paraffin refill to a container of even very small capacity. It is possible thanks to the use of a specialised microprocessor controller, which accurately measures the time of opening the gun nozzle.

The pump immersion depth can be selected to the depth of the melter already in use. As a standard, the device is powered by 400V, optionally from a 1-phase network, i.e. 230V.

A full stainless steel version is available.

Manual dosing device

The version of the dosing device with the gun without measuring the dose. The amount of paraffin added depends on the operator. The longer the trigger of the gun is pressed, the more the refill will fill the container. The operator can smoothly adjust the size of the stream. The gun made of bronze is durable and light. It is equipped with a rubberized handle that protects against burns. The parameters of the pump, immersion depth or the possibility of setting it on melters is analogous to the automatic device.

Automatic dosing devices with a melter

This is a combination of two machines - a dosing device and one of the paraffin melters. It may be a 1-chamber melter of any capacity or a multichamber melter version with replaceable inserts. 1 to 4 dosing devices are fixed on the melter - depending on the size of the chamber. In the case of connection of a dosing device with a multichamber melter, the pump of the device may be freely shifted between the chambers.

Manual dosing gun

We offer manual dosing guns with a two-channel hose connection to maintain the circulation of paraffin, which in practice does not require the use of hose heating systems. The gun made of bronze is durable and light. It is equipped with a rubberised handle that protects against burns.

Paraffin pumps

As probably the only manufacturer in the world we offer rotodynamic pumps for paraffin, designed from a scratch designed for this raw material.

The main features:

  • flexibly selected efficiency;
  • any depth of immersion;
  • 3-phase or 1-phase power supply;
  • possible to be equipped with a suction filter;
  • swivelling fixing available;
  • available in stainless steel;
  • high working temperature.

Electrically heated hoses

We offer hoses heated with an innovative method of warming up the hose braid. This guarantees an even temperature distribution, high efficiency and freedom in the configuration of the diameter and length of the hose. The control system is equipped with a digital thermostat and an additional security system. The hoses and the heating system are selected in the course of technical analysis of the requirements of the target application.

Electrically heated nozzles

We produce individually designed dosing nozzles electrically heated. They are used in the dosing systems of paraffin and other solidifying substances. The nozzle may be of any diameter and length. The control system is equipped with a digital thermostat and an additional security system.


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