Homogenisation and foaming of paraffin

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Homogenisation and foaming of paraffin

The process of paraffin foaming (slurry) and homogenisation

The worlds innovation confirmed by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and two other independent scientific institutions.

The DOLECKI Machinery has developed a unique, stable and reproducible method of mixing and in-line permanent combining, of paraffins with plant and organic origin fats. Depending on the composition of the raw material and added ingredients, the installation allows to achieve high level savings on the weight of the mixture while maintaining a very high hardness of the solidified paraffin.

The applied solutions - in some cases patented - make it extremely easy and fast to convert the line for the production of different, in terms of size and shape, glass or plastic containers. The tooling required for conversion is cheap and consists only of a several components. The conversion time is very short.

This is most likely the cheapest and most flexible solution in the industry!

Dosing and homogenising line

The line is equipped with an innovative, unique and protected by industrial property rights system, for wick straightening and centring.

The dosing station, depending on the configuration, has 6 dosing heads with volumetric metering. Most of the installation components staying in a contact with the raw material are heated with hot water. The circulation system is equipped with a central tank with the possibility of connecting the solar system, and an efficient initial heating system. The line is equipped with a number of supporting machines:

  • machine inserting a wick;
  • cups sorting machine;
  • rotary tables and conveyors;
  • mesh conveyor;
  • fan stations;
  • loading and unloading system;
  • labelling machine;
  • ice water aggregate;
  • air compressor.

The line may be extended with an end-fill station, which doses the layer of standard paraffin. Another optional equipment is a perfume spray station on the paraffin surface or a system measuring the weight yield of the raw material - a foam measuring station.

The most important advantages of the line are:

  • stable and efficient in-line homogenisation method;
  • high level of foaming while maintaining high hardness of the paraffin;
  • wick straightening and centring system;
  • quick and cheap converting of the line;
  • second dose system;
  • perfuming system;
  • high performance.

Paraffin homogeniser

We produce extremely effective systems for paraffin foaming and homogenising in the in-line technology. We offer independent systems, without the dosing system, wick inserter and other machines from the line. The Customers owning similar machines, but e.g. with paraffin mixers – with much less effective foaming method - we suggest using our homogenisers as an excellent form of refinement of your installation. The DOLECKI Machinery homogenisers are characterised by the possibility of high level paraffin foaming while maintaining the high hardness of the raw material solidified in the container.

Homogeniser equipment:

  • paraffin melter with a weighing module and a mixer;
  • paraffin pump;
  • paraffin cooling, homogenisation and mixing station;
  • cold water circulation tank.
Standard production speed:
10 l/min.
Homogenizer power:
20 kW
Melter capacity:
1000 l
Power of melter heaters:
10,8 kW

Foam measuring station

The system of continuous, ongoing degree measurement of paraffin foaming, that is built into the foaming system, indicates the percentage of weight yield in relation to standard, non-foamed paraffin on a regular basis. This requires proper adaptation and preparation of the owned machine, in which it is to be built.


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