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Candles processing and decorating

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Stainless discs for mixing varnish

Offered discs are used for effective mixing of colloidal varnishes - acetone, nitro, water, etc. Thanks to the teeth, the right choice of disc diameter to the diameter of the tank, connected by a shaft with an appropriate pneumatic drive of the stirrer, they constitute a perfect solution for effective and durable mixing of varnishes. The teeth of the discs cut the varnish particles ensuring more effective mixing, making the varnish much more homogeneous and better covering the surface of the painted object, contributing to its greater intensity. There are three diameters of mixing discs available, as well as a drive shaft and a pneumatic drive with a quick-clamping handle with possibility of rotation regulation.

Discs’ diameters:
60/85/125 mm
Length of the drive shaft:
400 mm
Air consumption of drive:
170 l/min
Drive connection:
Shaft’s max speed:
2000 rpm

Device for coning candles

It is intended for cutting into a cone shape of the lower end of the candle so that it fits freely into the candle holder. The device is powered by 230 V.

Candle levelling device

After immersion in a coloured paraffin mass, the candle requires the base to be levelled so that it can stand vertically. Levelling the candle is done by gentle melting of its bottom. The device is powered by 230 V. It is equipped with a digital temperature controller. The apparatus controlling the heater's operation is a solid-state relay, featured by long-term, reliable operation. Maximum diameter of the candle being processed is 90 mm. It is a two-station device.

Syringe feeder

The device is intended for precise application of decorating masses e.g. with glitter. These masses are applied to the surface of candles, glass grave candles, etc. The feeder may be even used for writing or painting on the decorated surface. The device consists of a dozen removable tips, a foot pedal that controls the operation of the device and several syringes and of course a control unit, which steers the plunger of the syringe held in the hand by using compressed air.


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