About us

The origins of the company date back to 2002. We focus on quality, integrity and responsibility while continuously developing in the technical sector related to the construction of machines for paraffin products. Our approach to business is characterised by partner and open relationships based on trust. The team creating the company consists of enthusiasts in technology, engineers and experienced specialists devoted to their work, open to new ideas and innovations, engaged in the continuous development of the products offered. Knowledge and many years of experience in the machine industry guarantee high quality and reliability of designed solutions as well as respect for the Customer who appreciates an honest attitude and long-lasting relationships. Our reference list is very broad - we will be happy to share it.
The Company has performed an external innovation audit and has its own research and development department. We are the authors of patented solutions and we cooperate with scientific institutions. We boldly implement new ideas and unconventional solutions, flexibly adapting them to the Customer's needs.

What makes us different?

  • A wide range of such products - solutions tailored to the Customer’s needs are provided and may be selected starting from simple devices up to complex, automated production lines.
  • The latest machines with innovative solutions - our design capabilities allow the production of prototype machines, providing the Customer with a technological advantage over the competition. As a result, many of our Customers have received funding for their purchase.
  • Many years of experience - we aptly select technical means based on proven and repeatedly tested projects.

  • Strong position on the market - close cooperation with major manufacturers gives us the opportunity to properly develop our machines.
  • Presence on foreign markets - as a confirmation of our quality and confidence in us.
  • Safety - we fully understand and apply the requirements of relevant directives and regulations related to the construction of the machines making them safe and reliable.

How do we act

Above all, we listen carefully to the Customer’s needs.

We design machines using CAD software containing tools for 3D design of mechanical elements, for performing virtual simulations and for electronic design of pneumatic systems, actuator-based hydraulics and control automation.
We set and equip production plants, supporting the process of designing the new ones, as well as in the due course of further development or modernisation of the existing production plants.    
We implement solutions, train employees, machine operators and business owners. We provide our Customers with support in trade contacts, indicating reliable suppliers of raw materials and components for the production of candles and grave candles.
We provide equipment, carry out repairs, modernisation and service of devices from other manufacturers.

We provide technical coaching.

We provide services in the area of:

  • machine construction;
  • industrial automation;
  • pneumatic systems;
  • actuator-based hydraulic systems;
  • machine service;
  • specialised components.

Having high qualifications and the necessary technical knowledge, we also construct machines for other industries. We are eager to undertake challenges in the field of building prototype machines.

International activities

We operate on markets around the world, among others in Mexico, Australia, USA, Russia, Ukraine and in almost all countries of the European Union.
We offer support in English, Spanish, Romanian and Russian.



Company registration data

DOLECKI Sp. z o.o.
[DOLECKI Polish limited liability company]
41-800 Zabrze
ul. Asnyka 13

Tax Identification Number  PL6482807499
REGON 520735408
KRS 0000944710
District Court in Gliwice
10th Commercial Division of the National Court Register
Share capital of PLN 2,000,000

Headquarters and production

41-800 Zabrze
ul. Asnyka 13

Opening hours

We work Monday to Friday
from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Contact details

Telephone: +48 32 230 48 15
Fax: +48 32 230 48 16
Cellular phone: +48 508 84 84 04
Skype: firma.dolecki
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