Production of granules

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Production of granules

Technology of the paraffin granules production

The DOLECKI Machinery granulators are featured by a modern construction, high efficiency and compact size i.e. height of ca. 2m. The main component of the machine is a water-cooled drum, which outer jacket is made of stainless steel. The surface of the drum, despite the diameter of 2m and even 4m in length, rolled with high accuracy, as shown in the below video.

Paraffin granulator

The rotational speed of the drum is smoothly controlled by a frequency converter. In addition, pneumatic vibrating flasks have been used to drive the stainless steel bathtubs transporting granules. The bathtub for liquid paraffin is also made of stainless steel. An indirect heating system was applied in it. This means that the electric heaters heat the thermal oil in which the bath with paraffin is immersed. The heaters are controlled by a digital temperature controller, which switches them on via a semiconductor relay.
The electrically heated spraying lath has nozzles with a diameter chosen by the Customer, e.g. 0.35 mm. An additional advantage is the adjustment of the machine's efficiency, which can be limited to 1/3 or 2/3 of the nominal capacity, with just a push of a button. The machine may be equipped with a vacuum conveyor transporting the granules directly to the packing machine or to the hydraulic press.

Available production speed
900 -1200 kg/h
The power of bath heaters
14,4 kW
Machine total height
Paraffin bath capacity
up to 1200 litres


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